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I am so happy for you guys. I teared up reading this. Your angels and God made sure you got to the doctor that was right for you. Even though it was a perfect pregnancy, if he hadn't been monitoring you so vigilantly you could have been home instead of at the hospital when that happened. I am so glad you weren't. Love you guys!


Oh Mel, I'm reading this and laughing and crying at the same time.  Thank God it's all over, you and Jay are home safe and sound and that he's growing so well.  Take care.  Maybe I'll get to see you at some point during the summer while I'm shuffling grandkids back and forth.


I have heard some of this but not all.  And yes, I am sitting here crying while I finish reading your wonderful writing and of course the story that goes with it.  Yes, I have never been so relieved when I got the call from Sean at 10:10 ish that night.  We had just gone through Childress and I sure was praying for a call from Sean before we got too far out of Childress (no signals out there).  And then when I walked into that hosptial room and there you both were, safe, sound and you looked so good with that big smile on your face.  I couldn't wait to get my hands on your son, my grandson.  Welll, I am crying again so I must stop before I ruin the keyboard.  Love you all four and btw you need to change your email address to the four pates!!!!


Dammit mother, you made me cry!  BTW, I also tried to change the email but can't link it up with the threepates, I'll keep trying.

Yvette Ivy

[c’est top] Oh, Mel. I wish I had been there.
bawling like a newborn. I am so, so proud of you. He's beautiful and perfect and all the waiting was worth it!!!! I can't wait to see you both (and MyKenna and Sean, too). We love y'all so much. I love you so much.

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